High Purity Hose Assemblies

Industries like the Semi-conductor & Pharmaceutical require High Purity hose assemblies where cleanliness is important therefore Powerhose Technical are able to offer a full range of Metallic, PTFE & Vacuum hose assemblies with a wide variety of end connectors to suit your needs.

The most common fittings used are the KF vacuum fittings, VCR, VCO & High-Tech components, but others are available.

All hoses are manufactured and packaged to the highest quality and tested. Hydrostatic & Helium Leak Testing (Mass Spectrometer) offered as standard.

Our Service Range

Our products and services cover many needs, in many industries.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

We have on-site, our own multistage ultrasonic cleaning machine which can clean parts to a very high standard using ultrasonic waves with a complete DI rinse and dry system incorporated.

Helium Leak Testing

To compliment our existing range of services, Powerhose Technical have the abilities and facilities to perform Helium Leak Testing using a Mass Spectrometer.

Orbital Welding

Powerhose Technical are able to offer Orbital Pipe Welding service. We have a brand new Orbital welding machine which can weld pipe from ¼ – 1 ½ od.

Hose Reels

Powerhose Technical have added the supply of hose reels to our ever-growing range of services. We can supply any hose reel you need.

Pressure Washer & Washdown

Powerhose Technical also supply Pressure Washer hoses & Lances along with other Washdown Equipment.