Swagelok Alternative Hoses

Powerhose Technical are able to offer Swagelok alternative hoses which are far more cost effective than the original. All hoses are manufactured and packaged to the highest quality and tested.

Hydrostatic & Helium Leak Testing (Mass Spectrometer) offered as standard with all Swagelok alternative hoses. VCR, VCO & high-Tech connectors are also available.

Please contact us for more information.

Our Service Range

Our products and services cover many needs, in many industries.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

We have on-site, our own multistage ultrasonic cleaning machine which can clean parts to a very high standard using ultrasonic waves with a complete DI rinse and dry system incorporated.

Helium Leak Testing

To compliment our existing range of services, Powerhose Technical have the abilities and facilities to perform Helium Leak Testing using a Mass Spectrometer.

Orbital Welding

Powerhose Technical are able to offer Orbital Pipe Welding service. We have a brand new Orbital welding machine which can weld pipe from ¼ – 1 ½ od.

Hose Reels

Powerhose Technical have added the supply of hose reels to our ever-growing range of services. We can supply any hose reel you need.

Pressure Washer & Washdown

Powerhose Technical also supply Pressure Washer hoses & Lances along with other Washdown Equipment.